Unit Adp

Unit Adp

Used in the following ADP models: CUH Models: CUH-30-1, CUH-30-2, CUH-30-3, CUH-30-4, CUH-45-1, CUH-45-2, CUH-45-3), CUH-45-4, CUH-60-1, CUH-75-1 SEP Models: SEP-60A-N-3 SEP-60A-N-4 SEP-60S-N-0 SEP-60A-P-3 SEP-60A-P-4 SEP-60S-P-0 SEP-90A-N-3 SEP-90A-N-4 SEP-90S-N-0 SEP-90A-P-3 SEP-90A-P-4 SEP-90S-P-0 SEP-115A-N-3 SEP-115A-N-4 SEP-115S-N-0 SEP-115A-P-3 SEP-115A-P-4 SEP-115S-P-0 SEP-145A-N-3 SEP-145A-N-4 SEP-145S-N-0 SEP-145A-P-3 SEP-145A-P-4 SEP-145S-P-0 SEP-175A-N-3 SEP-175A-N-4 SEP-175S-N-0 SEP-175A-P-3 SEP-175A-P-4 SEP-175S-P-0 SEP-200A-N-1 SEP-200A-N-2 SEP-200S-N-1 SEP-200S-N-2 SEP-200A-P-1 SEP-200A-P-2 SEP-200S-P-1 SEP-200S-P-2 SEP-230A-N-3 SEP-230A-N-4 SEP-230S-N-0 SEP-230A-P-3 SEP-230A-P-4 SEP-230S-P-0 SEP-290A-N-3 SEP-290A-N-4 SEP-290S-N-0 SEP-290A-P-3 SEP-290A-P-4 SEP-290S-P-0 SEP-345A-N-3 SEP-345A-N-4 SEP-345A-N-5 SEP-345S-N-0 SEP-345A-P-3 SEP-345A-P-4 SEP-345A-P-5 SEP-345S-P-0 SEP-400A-N-1 SEP-400A-N-2 SEP-400A-N-3 SEP-400S-N-1 SEP-400S-N-2 SEP-400S-N-3 SEP-400A-P-1 SEP-400A-P-2 SEP-400A-P-3 SEP-400S-P-1 SEP-400S-P-2 SEP-400S-P-3 HED-75-2, HED-100-2, HED-125-2, HED-150-2, HED-200-2, HED-250-2, HED-300-2 Lennox / Armstrong / Allied Air Models (Lennox 19M54): UHPA250SE-3, UHPA200AE-3, UHPA400AE-4, UHPA100SE-4, UHPA125SE-4, UHPA150SE-4, UHPA250SE-4, UHPA300SE-4, CGHA45AE-5, CGHA60AE-2, UHPA200AE-2, UHPA200AE-2, UHPA200AE-2, UHPA200AE-2, UHPA345AE-1, UHPA145AE-2, UHPA090AE-2, UHPA345AE-2, UHPA100SE-2, UHPA125SE-2, UHPA150SE-2, UHPA200SE-2, UHPA090AE-3, UHPA115AE-3, UHPA145AE-3, UHPA230AE-3, UHPA345AE-3, UHPA050SE-3, UHPA200SE-3, UHPA090AE-4, UHPA115AE-4, UHPA145AE-4, UHPA200AE-2, UHPA345AE-4, UHPA400AE-2, UHPA100SE-3, UHPA125SE-3, UHPA150SE-3, UHPA200SE-4, UHPA250SE-3, UHPA400SE-2, UHPA400AE-3, UHPA400SE-3, UHPA200AE-3, UHPA400AE-4, UHPA100SE-4, UHPA125SE-4, UHPA150SE-4, UHPA200SE-5, UHPA250SE-4, UHPA300SE-4, UHPA400SE-4, CGHA45AE-4, CGHA60AE-2

ADP 165296403 LP Liquid Propane Kit For SEP-300 Unit Heaters

ADP 165295205 LP Liquid Propane Kit for SEP-200 Unit Heaters

ADP 165295206 Liquid Propane LP Kit for SEP-400 Unit Heaters

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